Paterson, A D & S D

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Paterson, A D & S D

Armidale Station

Armidale has always bred for a true dual purpose merino whilst maintaining a quality white water proof wool, sound confirmation and constitution. Our main focus is to produce a commercial ewe that will sustainably lift the economic farm surplus per stock for us and our clients. We have entered our performance data into Merino Select and now have ASBV’s for those clients who wish to use them.








Other Information

  • Registered Prefix :


  • Flock or Stud Number :

    Horn: 167, Poll: 6

  • Stud Principal :

    Allan & Simon Paterson

  • Stud Classer :

    AD & SD Paterson

  • Established :


  • Merino :

    Horn & Poll

  • Bloodlines :

    Horn - Roseville Park, Nerstane, Wangenalla; Poll - Orrie Cowie, Grays Hills

  • Number of Registered Ewes :


  • Average Adult Ewe Micron :


  • Sale Method :

    Rams sold privately in February and at Tekapo ram sale

  • Property Details :

    Area: 2000 Ha Rainfall: 300-350 mm

  • Other Details :

    Chris Bowman from Australia is used as an advisor on potential Australian genetics as well as providing an input into stud sires.

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