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New Zealand Ewe Hogget Competition

This unique hogget competition gives farmers the opportunity to benchmark their flocks against others at both local and national level, as well as giving them the chance to compare different farming systems and learn from other competitors as well as the judging panel. All farmers are invited to enter and ‘give it a go’, and what better way to assess your progress?

“I continue to be in awe of the passion and commitment of the many people involved with this competition who contact farmers encouraging entries, giving up their time and effort for the duration of this event” Greg Burgess, New Zealand Sheepbreeders’ Assn.

2020 NZ Ewe Hogget Competition

This nationwide iconic competition is now in its 24th year.
Unfortunately, we have had to postpone this event for 2020.
We look forward to your entries in 2021.

Brian and Anna Coogan

2019 Winners NZ Ewe Hogget Competition

Brian and Anna Coogan

New Zealand Sheepbreeders' Association

The New Zealand Sheepbreeders Association administers the affairs for those breeds of sheep currently under its umbrella whilst actively promoting the stud breeding sheep industry.

Working to improve sheep breeds, maintain their purity, collect pedigree information, and encourage the use of performance records.

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