Texel Across Flock Trait Leader Reports

Key Trait Reports

Reports on young rams representing the trait leaders in six key traits of importance to Texel breeders are presented here.

The key traits are:
  • eye muscle area
  • growth
  • liveweight at 8 months
  • meat yield
  • reproduction [number of lambs born]
  • weaning weight

Each trait leader report has the rams ranked for that key trait.

All reports contain the same information but each is ordered differently across the page to match the key trait being reported.

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Rams Reported

Rams are drawn from a large pool of high quality young rams from member flocks, with the top 20% of *eligible rams for each trait reported.

To be *eligible, a ram must:
  • have an ultrasound ct scan record of his own
  • be 87% or greater of Texel breeding
  • be in a flock registered with Texel New Zealand

Understanding the Report

The last page of the report contains:
  • the number of rams ranked and the number of rams *eligible to be ranked
  • the date breeding values were created; the reports are updated regularly
  • explanations of the abbreviations and indexes in the body of the report

Sourcing a Ram

  • each ram identification includes his flock prefix and tag number
  • each sire & dam identification includes its flock number and tag number

The flock prefixes and flock numbers of members can be linked to their names and contact details in the
breeders section.

Trait Leader Reports with Genetic Trends