Stud Ram Transfer Certificate

Please use the online form below to submit your Stud Ram Transfer Certificate to NZSBA

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Stud Ram Transfer Certificate with PDF

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Rams must be registered Singly by the Breeder before being transferred

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Vendor's Details

  • Type 1 or 2 is for Scrapie Resistance Testing if it is carried out
  • Suffolk rams need only be tested for Spider Gene before being transferred if purchaser requests
  • Texel rams must have had a DNA sample sent for testing for Micropthalmia before being single entered unless from an accredited Micropthalmia Clear Flock
  • White Dorper rams must be tested clear for Ovine Dermatosparaxis before being single entered unless from an ODCLR Flock
  • Valais Blacknose rams must be DNA parentage tested before being single entered
Transfer Certificates will be checked by NZSBA office and a copy will then be sent to the purchaser. Please forward any DNA testing information etc. to NZSBA for verification.